June 16, 2020

The Maudcast: Teaser


In 1922, not long after she finished writing one of her most personal and profound novels, Emily of New Moon, Lucy Maud Montgomery made a diary entry about a fantastic new technology: the radio. Montgomery talked about this wonderful invention that allows you to hear broadcasts of sermons and speeches and concerts from the great cities of North America. Though fascinated, Maud was also a bit resistant, worried that this would be another device that would fill up her very precious time in unmeaningful ways.

When Maud finally heard a broadcast a few months later, she was still unsettled by the idea of the radio. The experience of it, though, was “marvellous.” Maud predicted accurately that the radio would “revolutionize the world in another generation.” Though Maud longed for the old days in unhurried Prince Edward Island—the stage for many of her beloved characters—she imagines a not-too-distant future when letters will be obsolete, and the radio will be how the world bridges the distance between one another.

If we can use our imaginations and extend her image of “radio” to digital spaces, Maud was able to predict a bit of our generation in a way that very few have. Since that time nearly a century ago, L.M. Montgomery’s stories have filled the world with wonder and joy, and we thought it was time to share scholarship and imaginative discovery of Maud’s life and writings in our newest form of the radio.

The MaudCast is the podcast of the L.M. Montgomery Institute, here on the beautiful campus of the University of Prince Edward Island. For more than a quarter of a century, the L.M. Montgomery Institute has promoted research and celebration of the life, works, culture, and influence of our favourite Prince Edward Island-born, Canadian writer. I am your MaudCast host, Dr. Brenton Dickieson, and I hope you can join us here in the future Maud glimpsed, as we discuss the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery with leading scholars, local researchers, and readers from around the world.


Show Notes

The MaudCast is the podcast of the L.M. Montgomery Institute. In the MaudCast’s quest to discover cutting edge scholarship about the life and works of Lucy Maud Montgomery, we welcome to the microphone leading academics, emerging scholars, local researchers, and imaginative readers and writers from around the world. Hosted by Dr. Brenton Dickieson, we broadcast from the beautiful campus of the University of Prince Edward Island.

The MaudCast Team

Host and Founding Producer: Brenton Dickieson

Founding Co-Producer: Kate Scarth

Technical Director: Kristy McKinney

Audio Engineering: Nicolas Dickieson

Visual Design: Heidi Haering

Website Photos: Anne Woster

Web Coordinator: Melanie J. Fishbane


Find the MaudCast on Twitter and Instagram @LMMIMaudCast

L.M. Montgomery Institute website: https://www.lmmontgomery.ca/

L.M. Montgomery Institute twitter: @LMMI_PEI

Brenton Dickieson twitter: @BrentonDana

Brenton Dickieson website: www.aPilgrimInNarnia.com 

Susato’s “Selection from The Danserye: III. Les Quatre Branle” performed by the UPEI Wind Symphony, directed by Dr. Karem J Simon, available for purchase here: https://upeiwindsymphony.bandcamp.com/album/the-danserye


Special thanks to the Robertson Library at UPEI and all of our community partners.

The MaudCast is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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